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Fully online timetabling software.
Comprehensive and easy to use.
School life tools to manage your school.
All types of schools and timetables.

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  • Easily manage your school schedules!

    Generation and daily management in a single tool.
    All types of timetables, for all schools, colleges, universities, training centres and institutions.

    Omniscol screens for managing schedules and classes, displayed by a laptop
  • Manage your school!

    Advanced statistics and digitalization of the entire school.

    Omniscol screens of statistics and list of teachers with their availability, displayed by a laptop
  • Effectively manage absences!

    Practical and efficient integration of absences into the school timetable.

    Omniscol screens for managing absences and consolidated absences on a timetable, displayed by a laptop

A modern tool at the service of your school or training centre.

Omniscol meets your complex needs


Import the school data in 1 click
Configure your school in 2 moves
Generate your timetable in 3 minutes

Everything is ready! Customize at will


Groups: half-classes, three groups over two classes, alignments, easily

Alternate weeks: A/B, A/B/C, as many as you need, all mixed together if you wish

Complex lessons: concatenate lessons, mix groups, add alternations

Allocation by week: green class, exam week, a new and temporary timetable is easily generated and assigned


Priority to students
Teachers preferences are respected
Blazing fast generation thanks to an innovative algorithm

Timetable management made trendy.

The solution for your schedules and absences

Omniscol is a software solution for the generation and daily management of timetables for schools and training centres, fully online, and easy to use. Omniscol also includes complete absence management and statistical control modules. Our goal: to save you time!

For all schools and training centres

Omniscol manages all types of schools: K12 (primary schools, middle schools, high schools), colleges, universities, higher education, or even training centres. The software supports three types of schedules: weekly, cyclical, and calendar. Whether your courses are recurring or not, we have the solution!

A single tool for all your scheduling needs

Omniscol is an original solution: you can create or duplicate several timetables, and then publish them for all or part of the school year. Omniscol manages the history of school years and integrates holidays.

Automated planning

Equipped with an overpowered algorithm of artificial intelligence and metaheuristics, Omniscol is able to position and optimize the placement of 2500 lessons in less than 10 minutes! If this is not possible, a part-time job is returned in a few minutes, accompanied by a diagnosis. Everything is planned to help you!

Assisted planning

To manually schedule lessons, Omniscol shows you all the possibilities and incompatibilities, instantly calculating all the constraints. Useful for putting or moving lessons!

Omniscol values

The best tool, accessible to all

Our mission is to save time for schools, to allow them to focus on the essentials: pedagogy, and service to learners. Our rates adapt to different topologies, to make it a tool accessible to all, whatever your size or your country.


Omniscol has optimization, efficiency and accessibility in its genes. Excellence is our compass. Our goal is to produce the best tool on the market.

Co-creation and innovation

The Omniscol project was built around an innovative idea, that of simplifying and accelerating the generation of timetables, even the most complex, all online, but was above all co-constructed with dozens of headmasters, head teachers, and teachers in charge of planning, all over the world. Your suggestions are always welcome! It is our compass for innovation.


Your data belongs to you. Omniscol is a software application whose APIs are accessible so that you can integrate it into your information system as simply as possible, to export or save your data regularly. All data is in Json text format, easy to read even for a non-expert.


Security is an important concern of Omniscol. For example, your passwords are hashed several times before being stored. All exchanges are encrypted. The most critical operations require re-entering the administrator password. Teachers and learners never have access to operations reserved for administrators. If you forget to log out of your administrator session on a computer, the session will expire after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Availability of teachers

Managing teachers’ wishes or availabilities is a time-consuming task, which Omniscol simplifies as much as possible: the teachers can fill in their availabilities online with their accounts, which are then consolidated as constraints in the assisted or automated placement of lessons.

Absence management

A teacher is absent? Omniscol makes it possible to declare the absence, its lessons are canceled automatically. The tool then helps you find a substitute, or find another available teacher. A class is going on a trip? Simply cancel classes!

School management

All of your school’s management indicators are consolidated from timetables and absences, to calculate the number of hours taught by teachers, the subjects taught to the different classes, the room occupancy rate, and other advanced statistics!

The digitized school

Omniscol allows you to manage your school from any computer with an Internet connection, even a weak one. Multiple administrators can manage the account. The personalized and optional access to the platform for teachers and learners makes it possible to view the courses planned in real-time.
Teacher availabilities online, integration with calendar tools (Outlook, Google calendar, Calendar, etc.), import and export of Excel data, easily accessible API, Omniscol offers many services!

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