Timetable and school life management

Omniscol is a fully online timetable software, designed for schools and training centres.

Save significant time in administrative management and focus on what matters: pedagogy.

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Presentation of Omniscol modules



This module displays timetables, classes, teachers, rooms, subjects, etc., per week, per day, per month, as a calendar, as a grid, as a list, as an exportable table.

The printing of one or more timetables is possible. The administrator can modify the lessons, move them, change a teacher, or a room, add a note, assign a group, or even add or delete a lesson, all with the algorithm assistance which detects all the constraints.

You can also create a screen for the entrance hall, and share schedules by iCal for Outlook integration, Google calendar, or iOS Calendar. This is the daily use software module.

consultation and daily management of schedules



This module offers statistical indicators by consolidating application data, by week, month, school year, or custom date range:

  • The hours of lessons provided by each teacher, taking into account overtime and absences.
  • The use of classrooms and resources (for example, a video projector).
  • The subjects taught in the school, with the hours also broken down by classes and by teachers.
  • The classes, with taught hour details for each subject and by each teacher.
  • The hours of lessons attended by each learner.

This module simplifies the management of your school, whether for human resources, optimizing the use of rooms, or even obtaining certifications.

advanced school statistics, with charts and dashboards, for teachers, rooms, subjects, classes


Absence management

This module manages the absences of teachers, classes and learners, on date intervals.

All the most complex policies are possible. For example, a teacher can be every morning, for a specific class, for a specific subject. A reason must be entered, and a comment can be added. Each screen allows you to view absences by week, month, school year, and the lessons that will be affected. Classes are updated live, in the timetable module, and in the dashboard.

For teachers, it is possible to manage their replacements, by assigning a new replacement teacher, with an optional policy (for a sub-range of dates, for a particular subject or class), or for a specific lesson, by indicating which teachers are available.

Teachers and learners can declare their absences online, thanks to their accounts, and it is then up to the administration to proceed with the validation.

recording and management of teacher, class and student absences, with management of teacher substitutions


Timetable management

This module allows you to create, edit, modify, view (and print), duplicate, delete and finally publish timetables. Omniscol manages three types of timetables:

  • Weekly: recurring lessons are set over a week, this is typical of primary and secondary schools in most countries around the world;
  • Cyclical: recurring lessons are defined over a personalized number of days, for example over two weeks, this is a common configuration in Anglo-Saxon countries;
  • Agenda: non-recurring lessons are defined on specific days, by date, this is suitable for the majority of higher education schools and training centres.

The schedule configuration is then assisted: just follow the steps. This is where you fill in the timetable, the rooms, the curriculum, and finally, the lessons, which you can place manually, with the assistance of the conflict detection algorithm, or automatically, thanks to our powerful algorithm, extremely fast.

management of the school's timetable, screen for the class hour allocation, with conflict management



Manage users (administrative, teachers, learners), configure the Omniscol software for your school here, enter the subjects taught, define the school years, export software data (Json format), import from recognized formats, including aSc Timetables.

user administration module (list, information sheets, management) and general parameters
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