About Us

Omniscol is an EdTech startup created in 2015. Its compass for innovation: optimizing the time of education stakeholders, so that they can focus on the essential, learning.

Team presentation

The Omniscol team is diverse, complementary, expert, committed.

  • avatar Gilles Blanc

    Gilles Blanc


  • avatar Joffrey Lantoine

    Joffrey Lantoine

    Chief Design Officer

  • avatar Alexandre Benhamou

    Alexandre Benhamou

    Partner in charge of business

  • avatar Cédric Boniolo

    Cédric Boniolo

    Partner Omniscol Italia

  • avatar Duong NGuyen

    Duong Nguyen Que

    Business manager

  • avatar Dominique Okome

    Dominique Okome

    Sales manager

  • avatar Lallène Cédric Achi

    Lallène Cédric Achi

    Customer happiness manager



Satisfying the requirements of our customers is our cardinal value.


At Omniscol, we like to optimize everything, not just schedules. It’s in our genes!


Good communication with our partners is the key to our excellent collaboration, all over the world.


Omniscol’s strength is based on the trust placed in us by our customers and partners.

Our vision

We pay particular attention to the needs of our customers in schools, universities, and training centres. This is why we have developed this very innovative online time management tool for you.

Omniscol also offers you effective absence management and educational monitoring of your school. The digitization of processes within schools is a guarantee of time savings and reliability.

Omniscol is digital innovation at the service of excellence, for all schools.

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